Sunday, June 7, 2009

NZ has 14th confirmed case of swine flu

Last updated 15:43 07/06/2009

Another case of swine flu has been confirmed in New Zealand, taking the total to 14.

Today's confirmed case is a 46-year-old who travelled to New Zealand from North America on May 31 and became ill last Tuesday. The person had travelled with a previously confirmed case.

Meanwhile, a child that was suspected to have caught the disease off another confirmed case at a South Auckland child care centre has been cleared.

The Auckland Regional Public Health Service is awaiting the results of 24 other suspected cases from the centre after a one-year-old boy travelled back from Australia with swine flu.

The results of the 24 other suspected cases should be known tomorro w.

Nationwide, there are 11 probable cases and 92 suspected cases, up from 68 yesterday.

All of the cases have either been infected overseas or from close contact with a traveller.

As at 6pm on Friday, there had been 21,940 cases of swine flu in 69 countries worldwide, including 125 deaths.

Australia has had 1020 confirmed cases.