Friday, December 9, 2011

The Art of Activism

The Occupied Times

November 23 2011

Punk-inspired designer Vivienne Westwood has told occupiers to regain their fighting strength through art.

Westwood spoke to occupiers at St Paul’s on Saturday, and said what they were doing was “absolutely wonderful.”

She spoke out against consumer culture, and said people should put more effort into appreciating the arts.

“An art lover is a freedom fighter; it gives you strength in your whole life. The opposite of that is people who just suck up consumerism and don’t have any formed opinions….they are just distracted by rubbish,” she said.

She said this mind-set had meant a lack of art today.

“We are completely in danger from lack of culture.

“We were all trained up to be consumers in the twentieth century: throw away the past, the future will take care of itself, catch the latest thing and suck it up. We don’t have any art today.”

She urged occupiers to rejuvenate themselves when visiting the nearby art museums tired them.

Other than offering her praises and support to the occupiers, Westwood also spoke about climate change, an issue she was “terrified” about.

“The financial crisis and the ecological crisis are an absolute match for each other you have one because you have the other.”