Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Doctor's strike

ATL FM Ghana
The Ghana Medical Association has started strike action today, affecting hospitals through Ghana.

The association has withdrawn outpatient services from today, and will follow this by a full strike from February 18 if the government does not settle their salary issues.

ATL FM news has visited three hospitals in the Cape Coast metropolis – Central Regional Hospital, District Hospital and the University of Cape Coast hospital but no one spoken to was willing to go air with their comments.

From what the ATL witnessed, the hospitals were busy and doctors were attending to their duties – both emergency and out-patient cases.

An administrator at the University of Cape Coast hospital who did not want to be named, said doctors were attending to all patients and has no information about the strike.

ATL News also spoke to a University of Cape Coast student who was waiting for treatment at the Central Region Hospital.

He told the station he felt his treatment was being affected by strike action, and his appointment had been deferred from last week due to this.