Thursday, March 14, 2013

New laws needed to curb Cape Coast drownings.

For Atlantic FM - Cape Coast Ghana, broadcast on 14.3.2013

The high number of drownings along Cape Coast needs to be addressed at a government level a
local police officer has said.

Since March last year, there has been 16 drownings along the Cape Coast – the most recent was last
Sunday when a teenager drowned near Oasis Beach Resort.

Bakana police station officer ASP Edward Otumi told ATLM FM News that the government
needed to enforce laws to make resorts take responsibility for swimmers at popular spots, like

While some resorts along the coast have lifeguards and are designated safe swimming areas, he said
there should be a law to make all resorts and popular beach-side restaurants provide them.

“Spots like Castle Restaurant where we know people are there to drink and have fun, they will also
want to swim so you need to have lifesavers there, so we want the government to make sure (of

Mr Otumi had personally spoken with the Oasis management about hiring lifeguards after the recent
drowning, but said they did not feel it was their duty to do so.

Oasis manager Mirko Schumm told ATL FM News that the resort was currently trying to employ a
lifeguard for the area, but could not find anyone qualified enough.

He said they had hired a lifeguard in the past but the guard could not swim well enough for the
job. Mr Schumm said he has personally had to save a few people struggling in the ocean by

He said the water in the area could be dangerous with the currents, winds and high waves.

Mr Otumi urged swimmers to be aware of the risks in the Cape Coast oceans, especially over the
upcoming Easter celebrations where he feared there would be more drownings with people going to
the beach over the break. He said anyone wanting to swim should ask local fishermen which areas
were safer.