Thursday, November 24, 2011

Night Watch Prevents a Suicide

The Occupied Times November 16 2011

If it weren’t for a quick-acting occupier, St Paul’s could have had a dead body on it’s steps last week.

George Mayne, a student who has been camping at the OccupyLSX St Paul’s base since October 15 was on night watch when he came across a suicidal man on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral.

The man was already known to the camp as a problematic alcoholic with suspected mental health issues.

George said he was radioed by another night watch member who came across the man writing a suicide note, so the team all agreed to keep an eye on him.

George had the foresight to get the the first aid team members numbers, in case something happened.

He said night watch had been trying to get the man to cut down on his drinking, but this night it appeared he had drunk a bottle of vodka, and mixed four packets of painkillers into it.

George went to talk to the man, who was sitting on the steps of St Paul’s.

“He said he had taken all these pills and was holding my hand saying he was going to die.”

The man was shaking, and agitated, but slowly became tired as George tried to calm him down.

Knowing he could not radio for help, as it would further agitate the man, he slyly texted one of the first aiders, who got to the steps straight away.

“I went over and called an ambulance, telling them we needed someone here immediately.

“Then two police came along. I told them not to interfere because he would probably lash out at police, so they didn’t get involved.”

An ambulance came, but the man lashed out at the paramedics, so George and another night watch person had to put the man in the back of a police van, who then took him to hospital.

While the relations with the police were formal, George said it was obvious they were pleased with the work of night watch, because of the responsibility they handed on to them.