Thursday, November 24, 2011

Seven Occupiers Arrested

The Occupied Times November 15 2011

Seven OccupyLSX supporters were arrested on Monday night after protesting outside an elaborate feast for London’s rich and powerful.

About 25 supporters of the occupy movement staged a peaceful protest outside the Guildhall, where the new Lord Mayor David Wooton entertained David and Samantha Cameron, Theresa May, the archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and bishop of London Richard Chartres at his annual banquet.

OccupyLSX supporter Dan Ashman was present at the protest and said the Guildhall event was symbolic of the gap between the rich and poor.

“People are losing their jobs and are struggling to survive across the globe, and there is still this rich pompous ceremony going on where people are gorging themselves on food and almost behaving like this is of no consequence. It’s quite enraging.”

Protesters outside the Guildhall were soon kettled by police, who doubled them in numbers.

The police issued a Section 14 order on protesters – where police place conditions on public assemblies “to prevent serious public disorder, serious criminal damage or serious disruption to the life of the community”.

Protesters were given until 11pm to disperse which they complied with, however, five protesters were arrested, one for allegedly assaulting an officer.

Eye-witnesses disputed this assault and told The Occupied Times the police were overly heavy-handed to the peaceful protesters.

Around 15 supporters went to the Bishopsgate Police Station to support the five that had been arrested, but while there another two were arrested.

Occupier Sean Ganley was one of them. He said police nearly broke his wrist after they tried to break his camera phone as he recorded events in the station. He was charged with indecent behaviour at a police station.

Those arrested were later released on bail, but under the condition they do not enter the City of London – where the St Paul’s camp is. However, they were able to camp at the Finsbury Square occupation.

Friends and supporters of those arrested held a small farewell ceremony for them on Tuesday as they left the camp to Finsbury.

One of the arrested, Robin Nikolai Von Mickwitz addressed the supporters before leaving the camp for the Finsbury Square occupation.

“Do not let them grind you down,” he urged.

“we will be back here as soon as we can.”